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On this page you can find more details about our proposed annotations for the patches.

In our study, we focus on Coreutils patches studied by the CoREBench project. We express the change introduced by a patch using the change() macro that takes two parameters: the code expression before and the code expression after the change. For example, if a statement

int y = x - 1;

is changed to a statement

int y = x + 1;

then we annotate that change using our change() macro the following way:

int y = change(x - 1, x + 1);

The table below summarises the information about Coreutils patches from CoREBench and our corresponding annotations. The first column is the ID of the patch; we use the same numbering as CoREBench. The second column is a link to the diff for each patch on Coreutils web page. The third column is a link to a downloadable patch containing our annotations. Finally, the last column is a link to a web page containing a preview of the original patch and our annotations.

For simplicity, we present only the annotations for the patches and omit all other modifications introduced for technical reasons.

ID Patch Annotations Details
1 0928c2 1.diff 1.html
2 20c0b8 2.diff 2.html
3 3e466a 3.diff 3.html
4 d461bf 4.diff 4.html
5=16 ae494d 5_16.diff 5_16.html
6 ec48be 6.diff 6.html
7 77f89d 7.diff 7.html
8 3786fb 8.diff 8.html
9=18=20 6c5f11 9_18_20.diff 9_18_20.html
10 24ebca 10.diff 10.html
11 2e636a 11.diff 11.html
12=17 7380cf 12_17.diff 12_17.html
13 84457c 13.diff 13.html
14 bcb907 14.diff 14.html
15 cfe104 15.diff 15.html
19 86e4b7 19.diff 19.html
21 ae5717 21.diff 21.html
22 7eff59 22.diff 22.html

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