The data set

Govdocs1 is a data set of about one million documents crawled from US government web pages (the *.gov domain). The set contains documents of various formats, such as DOC, PPT, RTF, and JPG files, including 231,232 PDF documents. For this study, we extracted all the PDF documents from the data set. The set contains a broad range of PDF documents, such as forms, scanned paper documents, presentations, scientific papers and maps.

Due to uniform naming used across the documents in the set, it is very easy to find a given file. The dataset is distributed in a form of *zip archives, named,, … The archives can be found under this link. The names of the archives can be treated as a prefix: for example, if a document’s name is 000123.pdf then it means that the document can be found in the archive; similarly, if the document is named 123999.pdf, then it can be found in the archive, and so on.

Please note that in the original set, each archive contains all sorts of files, not only PDF documents. We have extracted PDF files from the archives using a script.

Error messages regular expressions

We have opened the PDF files from the Govdocs1 set in a portfolio of PDF readers. We then analysed the messages printed out by these applications on the standard error (console output). We enclose a YAML file containing a list of regular expressions that match the produced error / warning messages across the applications in our portfolio.


Clustering results

We use the created set of regular expressions to transform the standard error messages into feature vectors. We then cluster the documents that produced these messages on a per-PDF reader basis. The results of the clustering are enclosed below.








clusters_representatives.txt -> randomly picked representatives of each cluster

Captured messages and error return codes

We enclose an archive with the captured standard error messages and return codes. The structure is as follows:

  |- @pdf_file               // symlink to the pdf file (will be broken)
  |- pdf_file_reader         // an execution marker 
  |- .pdf_file_reader        // an (empty) error marker file
  |- .pdf_file_reader_stderr // stderr captured for "reader" PDF reader
  |- .pdf_file_reader_rc     // error return status captured for "reader" PDF reader  


Note: please note that most of the files created by our infrastructure are hidden (they start with a dot). Execution marker files were used to check that the file has been run with a certain reader. Error marker files are just an indication that either the PDF reader emitted messages on the standard error or it terminated with an error-indicating status. Partition directories were used to assign data to the containers, they have nothing to do with the original 000 - 999 directories.


Examples of inconsistencies

009129.pdf (MuPDF)

Adobe MuPDF Okular

047838.pdf (Poppler)

Note: please open in new tab for full size and zoom

Adobe Evince Firefox

009424.pdf (Firefox)

Adobe Chromium Firefox

Bugs found during study (with reports, where applicable)

Below is the current list of bug reports.

Please note that there is a discrepancy between the number of bugs that we mention in the paper and the number of bugs in the table below. There are several reasons for that:

  • Some bugs are not reproducible in the latest version of the program.
  • Some PDF readers share the same rendering library (Poppler), hence we sometimes have one bug report to Poppler that match up to 3 unique bugs in different PDF readers (Evince, Okular and Qpdfview). Even after reporting the bug to Poppler, it is hard to know if it’s only one bug or several bugs.
  • We do not report bugs for Acrobat Reader on Linux, because that version is no longer supported (accounts for 5 bugs).
  • Some bugs have already been reported, even if they have not been fixed yet.

Please also note that the mentioned inconsistencies have been found on the respective application versions that we report in the paper. It might be that some of them are already fixed in the latest version of a reader.

Legend: IN = inconsistency, DL = doesn’t load, CR = crash, PERF = performance


Num   Document Reader Type   Status
1. 113509.pdf   Poppler IN Fixed
2. 047838.pdf Poppler IN Unconfirmed
3. 358025.pdf Chromium   IN Won’t fix
4. 561834.pdf Chromium DL Fixed
5. 561834.pdf ps2pdf DL Fixed
6. 477165.pdf ps2pdf DL Fixed
7. 757362.pdf Firefox IN Confirmed
8. 286177.pdf Firefox DL Fixed
9. 286177.pdf Chromium DL Confirmed
10. 481945.pdf ps2pdf CR Fixed
11. 009424.pdf Firefox IN Unconfirmed
12. 229859.pdf Firefox IN Confirmed
13. 228729.pdf Firefox IN Confirmed
14. 014231.pdf Evince IN Confirmed
15. 515490.pdf Chromium IN Won’t fix (colors match Adobe)
16. 277362.pdf Firefox IN Confirmed
17. 345512.pdf Poppler IN Fixed
18. 581575.pdf Firefox IN Confirmed
19. 047838.pdf MuPDF IN Won’t fix (artifact of anti-aliasing)
20. 681655.pdf MuPDF IN Fixed
21. 142998.pdf Okular IN Unconfirmed
22. 682289.pdf pdftk CR Unconfirmed
23 974918.pdf MuPDF INC Fixed


Num   Document Reader Type   Status
24. 286177.pdf   Acrobat Reader DL Unconfirmed (web form submission)
25. 481945.pdf Acrobat Reader   IN Unconfirmed (web form submission)
26. 229859.pdf Acrobat Reader IN Unconfirmed (web form submission)
27. 142998.pdf Acrobat Reader IN Unconfirmed (web form submission)
28. 286177.pdf Edge DL Won’t fix (PDF is corrupted)
29. 228729.pdf Edge IN Confirmed
30. 014231.pdf Edge IN Won’t fix (not reproducible)
31. 047838.pdf Sumatra IN Unconfirmed
32. 228729.pdf Sumatra IN Confirmed
33. 515490.pdf Sumatra IN Unconfirmed
34. 681655.pdf Sumatra IN Unconfirmed

Last update: December 2018

Other bugs (Linux)

Num   Document Reader Type   Notes
1. 009129.pdf   MuPDF IN Blue title “PRESENTER BIOGRAPHY” not in bold. Won’t be fixed, because the font is not embedded in the PDF
2. 268654.pdf Chromium   IN Background image missing. Works in the newer version
3. 424963.pdf Qpdfview DL File type detected incorrectly. File is corrupted (can be recovered)
4. 632779.pdf Acrobat IN Some text is missing
5. 974665.pdf Acrobat IN Image does not load (blank page)
6. 545816.pdf Chromium IN Missing red rectangle at the top left
7. 544776.pdf Firefox IN Map issue (black stuff on the bottom right)
8. 577195.pdf Firefox IN Text at the top left is a black box
9. 728899.pdf Firefox IN Inside of the letters of the word “Draft” is black
10. 051985.pdf Evince CR Crash not reproducible
11. 228729.pdf Evince IN Incorrect gradient
12. 632779.pdf Evince IN Missing text
13. 228729.pdf MuPDF IN Incorrect gradient
14. 229859.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
15. 545816.pdf MuPDF IN Missing red rectangle at the top left
16. 019713.pdf Okular IN Stamp visible
17. 632779.pdf Okular IN Missing text
18. 783042.pdf Okular PERF Loading time too long (performance bug)
19. 783042.pdf Qpdfview PERF Loading time too long (performance bug)
20. 632779.pdf Qpdfview IN Missing text
21. 051985.pdf Xpdf PERF Performance bug not always reproducible.
22. 632779.pdf Xpdf IN Missing text
23. 022208.pdf Acrobat IN Map looks different
24. 028646.pdf Acrobat IN Wrong colors
25. 142998.pdf Acrobat IN White strokes on the title
26. 163906.pdf Chromium IN Button in the top right have a blue background vs. White background with other viewers
27. 185200.pdf Chromium IN Color of the button in the bottom right is too light
28. 268954.pdf Chromium IN Missing background image
29. 053240.pdf Evince IN Incorrect Image (horizontal white lines on images)
30. 152346.pdf Evince IN Wrong color
31. 204304.pdf Evince IN Map looks different
32. 053240.pdf Firefox IN Incorrect Image (horizontal white lines on images)
33. 138857.pdf MuPDF IN Logo top right is lighter
34. 185200.pdf MuPDF IN Highlight of the button is pink instead of dark blue
35. 204213.pdf MuPDF IN Wrong Color
36. 138857.pdf Qpdfview IN Logo top right is lighter
37. 138857.pdf Xpdf IN Logo top right is lighter
38. 047838.pdf Firefox IN Horizontal lines in gradient. Possibly a duplicate of 228729.pdf
39. 936933.pdf Evince CR Fixed in Poppler
40. 968311.pdf Evince CR Fixed in cairo

All inconsistencies (excl. font-only; Linux)

A. Random sample

Num   Document Reader Type   Notes
1. 006375.pdf   Okular IN Color
2. 008609.pdf Acrobat IN Color
3. 008609.pdf Okular IN Color
4. 009129.pdf Okular IN Overlay (note)
5. 014231.pdf Chromium   IN Color
6. 014231.pdf Evince IN Distorted image (horizontal line)
7. 014231.pdf Firefox IN Distorted image (horizontal line)
8. 014231.pdf MuPDF IN Color
9. 022208.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem
10. 022208.pdf Okular PERF blank (perf?)
11. 022208.pdf Qpdfview PERF blank (perf?)
12. 028646.pdf Acrobat IN Color
13. 028646.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
14. 040897.pdf Acrobat IN Form
15. 040897.pdf Chromium IN Form
16. 047838.pdf Evince IN Gradient
17. 047838.pdf Firefox IN Gradient (also font)
18. 047838.pdf MuPDF IN Gradient
19. 053240.pdf Evince IN Gradient
20. 053240.pdf Firefox IN Gradient
21. 055038.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
22. 056028.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
23. 059433.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
24. 066408.pdf Firefox IN Color
25. 069487.pdf Acrobat IN Color + font
26. 069487.pdf Chromium IN Color + font
27. 069487.pdf Firefox IN Color + font
28. 093204.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
29. 102590.pdf Acrobat IN Color
30. 105884.pdf Evince IN Gradient
31. 105884.pdf Firefox IN Gradient
32. 105884.pdf MuPDF IN Gradient
33. 107872.pdf Acrobat IN Color
34. 107872.pdf Firefox IN Missing white part
35. 109865.pdf Evince IN Color
36. 109865.pdf Firefox IN Color + has horizontal line
37. 109865.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
38. 109865.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
39. 111778.pdf MuPDF IN Blank (missing image)
40. 111778.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf or missing image)
41. 113509.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
42. 121905.pdf Acrobat IN Brighter image
43. 121905.pdf Chromium IN Brighter image
44. 121905.pdf Firefox IN Brighter image
45. 125324.pdf Acrobat IN Brighter image
46. 125324.pdf Okular IN Brighter image
47. 127961.pdf Acrobat IN Color
48. 127961.pdf Chromium IN Color
49. 127961.pdf Firefox IN Missing part + color
50. 137442.pdf Acrobat IN Color
51. 137442.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
52. 142998.pdf Acrobat IN Pattern in the title
53. 142998.pdf Okular IN Pattern in the title
54. 143401.pdf Firefox IN Color
55. 152346.pdf Firefox IN Color
56. 154448.pdf Firefox IN Color
57. 156190.pdf Acrobat IN Color
58. 156818.pdf Acrobat IN Color
59. 163906.pdf Chromium IN Color
60. 165819.pdf MuPDF IN Incorrect chars (could also be treated as font inconsistency)
61. 166741.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
62. 166741.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
63. 173073.pdf Chromium IN No note (also font inconsistency)
64. 173073.pdf MuPDF IN No note (also font inconsistency)
65. 178723.pdf Acrobat IN Form
66. 178723.pdf Chromium IN Form
67. 185200.pdf Chromium IN Color
68. 199869.pdf Firefox IN Color
69. 204213.pdf Firefox IN Color
70. 204213.pdf MuPDF IN Color + white artifact
71. 204304.pdf Firefox IN/PERF Missing content (maybe performance)
72. 204304.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
73. 204304.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
74. 204304.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
75. 206197.pdf Evince IN Color
76. 206197.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
77. 207662.pdf Acrobat IN Color
78. 213824.pdf Evince IN Image is slightly darker
79. 213824.pdf Firefox IN Different scale of the title
80. 218030.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
81. 219476.pdf Firefox IN Color
82. 219476.pdf MuPDF IN Color
83. 219666.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
84. 219666.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
85. 219666.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
86. 221543.pdf Acrobat IN Form
87. 221543.pdf Chromium IN Form
88. 224922.pdf Acrobat IN Color
89. 226266.pdf Acrobat IN Color
90. 226266.pdf Firefox IN No shadow under text
91. 229176.pdf Okular IN Overlay note
92. 229435.pdf Acrobat IN Color
93. 231305.pdf Firefox IN Color
94. 232403.pdf MuPDF IN Missing images
95. 234261.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
96. 234261.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
97. 236432.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
98. 236432.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
99. 247992.pdf Firefox IN Missing text
100. 256390.pdf Acrobat IN Color
101. 256390.pdf Firefox IN Strange chars
102. 263251.pdf Acrobat IN Color
103. 263251.pdf Evince IN Image distorted
104. 263251.pdf Firefox IN Image distorted
105. 268654.pdf Chromium IN Missing image
106. 268654.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
107. 271314.pdf MuPDF IN No background and potentially missing text
108. 274105.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
109. 277362.pdf Firefox IN Blank page (no text and watermark)
110. 283133.pdf Acrobat IN Color
111. 298365.pdf MuPDF IN Missing highlight boxes
112. 313562.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
113. 313562.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
114. 314552.pdf Acrobat IN Color
115. 314552.pdf Chromium IN Color
116. 317291.pdf Acrobat IN Color
117. 318373.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
118. 320261.pdf Firefox IN Color
119. 341693.pdf Acrobat IN Form
120. 341693.pdf Chromium IN Form
121. 345512.pdf Evince IN Map, black areas
122. 345512.pdf Firefox IN Map, black areas
123. 345512.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
124. 345512.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
125. 345512.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
126. 356478.pdf Acrobat IN Color
127. 356478.pdf Chromium IN Color
128. 356478.pdf Firefox IN Color
129. 360023.pdf Chromium IN Color
130. 360282.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
131. 360282.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
132. 360282.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
133. 365517.pdf Acrobat IN Color
134. 377198.pdf Acrobat IN Color
135. 377198.pdf Chromium IN Color
136. 377198.pdf Firefox IN Color
137. 377198.pdf MuPDF IN Color
138. 379897.pdf Firefox IN Color
139. 396551.pdf Firefox IN Color
140. 408314.pdf Acrobat IN Color
141. 416854.pdf Acrobat IN Color
142. 416854.pdf MuPDF IN Missing pattern / image
143. 417381.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image (blank page)
144. 440149.pdf Evince IN Gradient / background
145. 440149.pdf Firefox IN Gradient / background
146. 440149.pdf MuPDF IN Gradient / background
147. 448487.pdf Acrobat IN Color
148. 457043.pdf Acrobat IN Color
149. 457043.pdf Chromium IN Color
150. 457043.pdf Firefox IN Color
151. 457043.pdf MuPDF IN Color
152. 468330.pdf Firefox IN Gradient missing
153. 469245.pdf Acrobat IN Color
154. 473309.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
155. 473460.pdf Evince IN Color / gradient
156. 473460.pdf Firefox IN Color / gradient
157. 480364.pdf Okular IN Note overlay
158. 484262.pdf Acrobat IN Color
159. 484262.pdf Chromium IN Color
160. 496897.pdf Acrobat IN Extra text, color
161. 496897.pdf Chromium IN Color
162. 504476.pdf Firefox IN Image color
163. 510941.pdf Evince IN Black areas
164. 510941.pdf Firefox IN Black areas
165. 510941.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
166. 510941.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
167. 510941.pdf Qpdfview PERF Blank (perf?)
168. 511716.pdf Firefox IN Firefox
169. 513442.pdf Acrobat IN Smooth gradient (others have lines in the transition points)
170. 513442.pdf Evince IN Weak horizontal line
171. 513442.pdf Firefox IN Green horizontal line
172. 513442.pdf Okular IN Smooth transition
173. 515490.pdf Acrobat IN Color
174. 515490.pdf Chromium IN Color
175. 515490.pdf Firefox IN Color
176. 522884.pdf Firefox IN Black area
177. 534348.pdf Acrobat IN Color
178. 534348.pdf MuPDF IN Missing pattern
179. 536849.pdf Chromium IN Button color
180. 545504.pdf Acrobat IN Form
181. 545504.pdf Chromium IN Form
182. 548820.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
183. 548820.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
184. 550888.pdf Acrobat IN Color + overlay note
185. 550888.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
186. 554340.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
187. 557230.pdf Acrobat IN Darker lines
188. 557230.pdf Okular IN Darker lines (maybe they’re wider so there’s more black color)
189. 561834.pdf Chromium DL Doesn’t load
190. 577191.pdf Chromium IN Color / pattern of the chart
191. 577191.pdf MuPDF IN Color / pattern of the chart
192. 589366.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
193. 620938.pdf Okular IN Overlay note
194. 635121.pdf Chromium IN Color
195. 635121.pdf Evince IN Color
196. 635121.pdf Firefox IN Color
197. 635121.pdf MuPDF IN Color
198. 643413.pdf Acrobat IN Color
199. 643413.pdf MuPDF IN No background
200. 651219.pdf MuPDF IN Missing images
201. 656283.pdf Chromium IN Highlight: box rather than background
202. 656283.pdf Firefox IN Highlight: box rather than background
203. 656283.pdf MuPDF IN Highlight: box rather than background
204. 662646.pdf Firefox IN Color
205. 663012.pdf Acrobat IN Color
206. 681655.pdf Firefox IN Background whiter
207. 681655.pdf MuPDF IN Distorted background
208. 689171.pdf MuPDF IN Missing images
209. 694747.pdf Firefox IN Color
210. 695850.pdf Acrobat IN Form
211. 695850.pdf Chromium IN Form, missing red boxes
212. 695850.pdf MuPDF IN Missing red boxes
213. 720541.pdf Acrobat IN Form
214. 720541.pdf Chromium IN Form
215. 738573.pdf Firefox IN Color
216. 751171.pdf Acrobat IN Color
217. 751171.pdf MuPDF IN Missing background
218. 758902.pdf Acrobat IN Color
219. 758902.pdf Chromium IN Color
220. 758902.pdf Firefox IN Color + “70” much smaller
221. 758902.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
222. 760707.pdf Acrobat IN Form
223. 760707.pdf Chromium IN Form
224. 777916.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image, also sans-serif font
225. 778012.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
226. 787570.pdf Acrobat IN Color
227. 787570.pdf MuPDF IN Missing logo / image
228. 804488.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
229. 809164.pdf Evince IN Distorted background (horizontal lines)
230. 809164.pdf Firefox IN Distorted background (horizontal lines)
231. 814571.pdf Acrobat IN Form
232. 814571.pdf Chromium IN Form
233. 814857.pdf Chromium IN Blue background boxes
234. 815420.pdf Firefox IN Black areas
235. 823203.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
236. 826339.pdf Firefox IN Stripe bg color
237. 834752.pdf Acrobat IN Form
238. 834752.pdf Chromium IN Form + font
239. 872101.pdf Qpdfview DL Doesn’t load
240. 890265.pdf Firefox IN Black area
241. 901613.pdf Acrobat IN Incorrect chars
242. 901613.pdf Firefox IN Missing chars
243. 901613.pdf MuPDF IN Different look of some chars
244. 926448.pdf Acrobat IN Form
245. 926448.pdf Chromium IN Form
246. 941536.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
247. 945330.pdf Acrobat IN Color
248. 945330.pdf Chromium IN Color
249. 945330.pdf Firefox IN Color
250. 979720.pdf Acrobat IN Color
251. 984998.pdf Acrobat IN Form
252. 984998.pdf Chromium IN Form
253. 992562.pdf Acrobat IN Color
254. 992938.pdf Acrobat IN Color
255. 994225.pdf Acrobat IN Color
256. 998720.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)

B. Cluster representatives

Num   Document Reader Type   Notes
1. 050970.pdf   Qpdfview   DL Doesn’t load
2. 097477.pdf Firefox IN Black area
3. 113019.pdf Evince IN Color
4. 113019.pdf Firefox IN Color
5. 113019.pdf Qpdfview PERF Performance
6. 144290.pdf MuPDF IN Missing background
7. 165799.pdf Acrobat IN Form
8. 165799.pdf Chromium IN Form
9. 210269.pdf MuPDF IN Missing image
10. 254646.pdf Okular PERF Blank (perf?)
11. 254646.pdf Qpdfview PRRF Blank (perf?)
12. 366144.pdf Evince IN Color
13. 366144.pdf Firefox IN Color
14. 442798.pdf Chromium IN Form
15. 454109.pdf Evince IN Missing text
16. 480364.pdf Okular IN Overlay note
17. 485253.pdf Qpdfview DL Doesn’t load
18. 547837.pdf Firefox IN Color
19. 574494.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height
20. 581575.pdf Firefox IN Map
21. 923068.pdf Acrobat IN Form
22. 923068.pdf Chromium IN Form
23. 925516.pdf Chromium IN Additional color background areas
24. 964662.pdf MuPDF IN Scaling problem - image doesn’t fit whole width / height

Font inconsistencies (Linux)

A. Random sample

Num   Document Reader
1. 009129.pdf   Acrobat
2. 009129.pdf Chromium
3. 009129.pdf MuPDF
4. 015341.pdf MuPDF
5. 018890.pdf Acrobat
6. 018890.pdf Firefox
7. 018890.pdf MuPDF
8. 023300.pdf Chromium
9. 023300.pdf MuPDF
10. 023927.pdf Chromium
11. 023927.pdf MuPDF
12. 034286.pdf MuPDF
13. 035031.pdf Acrobat
14. 035031.pdf Firefox
15. 038148.pdf Chromium
16. 040897.pdf MuPDF
17. 045588.pdf Acrobat
18. 045588.pdf Chromium
19. 045588.pdf Firefox
20. 045588.pdf MuPDF
21. 046767.pdf Firefox
22. 046767.pdf MuPDF
23. 047838.pdf Acrobat
24. 048853.pdf MuPDF
25. 050536.pdf Chromium
26. 050536.pdf MuPDF
27. 053146.pdf Chromium
28. 053146.pdf MuPDF
29. 053241.pdf Chromium
30. 053241.pdf MuPDF
31. 054016.pdf MuPDF
32. 056642.pdf Acrobat
33. 056642.pdf Chromium
34. 056642.pdf Firefox
35. 056642.pdf MuPDF
36. 059358.pdf Acrobat
37. 059358.pdf Firefox
38. 070215.pdf Acrobat
39. 071332.pdf Firefox
40. 072430.pdf Acrobat
41. 072430.pdf Firefox
42. 079003.pdf Acrobat
43. 079003.pdf Chromium
44. 079003.pdf MuPDF
45. 097876.pdf Chromium
46. 098732.pdf MuPDF
47. 098870.pdf Acrobat
48. 098870.pdf Firefox
49. 102590.pdf Firefox
50. 102590.pdf MuPDF
51. 107872.pdf MuPDF
52. 111839.pdf Acrobat
53. 111839.pdf Chromium
54. 111839.pdf Firefox
55. 125324.pdf Chromium
56. 125324.pdf MuPDF
57. 134604.pdf MuPDF
58. 145591.pdf MuPDF
59. 146631.pdf Acrobat
60. 146631.pdf Chromium
61. 146631.pdf Firefox
62. 146631.pdf MuPDF
63. 149148.pdf Chromium
64. 149805.pdf Chromium
65. 149805.pdf MuPDF
66. 154192.pdf Acrobat
67. 154192.pdf Firefox
68. 154192.pdf MuPDF
69. 164590.pdf Acrobat
70. 164590.pdf Firefox
71. 165819.pdf Acrobat
72. 165819.pdf Firefox
73. 166280.pdf Acrobat
74. 166280.pdf MuPDF
75. 172094.pdf Firefox
76. 173073.pdf Acrobat
77. 173073.pdf Firefox
78. 177959.pdf MuPDF
79. 178517.pdf Acrobat
80. 178517.pdf Chromium
81. 178517.pdf Firefox
82. 178517.pdf MuPDF
83. 180072.pdf Acrobat
84. 180072.pdf Firefox
85. 180072.pdf MuPDF
86. 185989.pdf MuPDF
87. 188870.pdf Acrobat
88. 188870.pdf Chromium
89. 188870.pdf Firefox
90. 188870.pdf MuPDF
91. 193503.pdf Chromium
92. 206627.pdf Acrobat
93. 206627.pdf Chromium
94. 206627.pdf Firefox
95. 206627.pdf MuPDF
96. 213624.pdf Acrobat
97. 213624.pdf Chromium
98. 213624.pdf Firefox
99. 213624.pdf MuPDF
100. 216029.pdf Acrobat
101. 216029.pdf Firefox
102. 227822.pdf MuPDF
103. 229176.pdf Firefox
104. 237190.pdf Acrobat
105. 241095.pdf MuPDF
106. 243985.pdf Acrobat
107. 243985.pdf MuPDF
108. 244076.pdf MuPDF
109. 251240.pdf MuPDF
110. 253775.pdf Acrobat
111. 253775.pdf Firefox
112. 253775.pdf MuPDF
113. 263251.pdf MuPDF
114. 271228.pdf Acrobat
115. 271228.pdf Chromium
116. 271228.pdf Firefox
117. 271228.pdf MuPDF
118. 273227.pdf Acrobat
119. 273227.pdf Firefox
120. 281946.pdf Acrobat
121. 281946.pdf Chromium
122. 281946.pdf Firefox
123. 281946.pdf MuPDF
124. 285244.pdf Chromium
125. 285244.pdf MuPDF
126. 287692.pdf MuPDF
127. 288968.pdf Acrobat
128. 288968.pdf Chromium
129. 288968.pdf Firefox
130. 288968.pdf MuPDF
131. 289141.pdf MuPDF
132. 296515.pdf Chromium
133. 308774.pdf Acrobat
134. 308774.pdf Chromium
135. 308774.pdf Firefox
136. 308774.pdf MuPDF
137. 309986.pdf MuPDF
138. 310407.pdf MuPDF
139. 333700.pdf Acrobat
140. 333700.pdf Chromium
141. 333700.pdf Firefox
142. 333700.pdf MuPDF
143. 340768.pdf MuPDF
144. 341198.pdf Chromium
145. 341198.pdf MuPDF
146. 343083.pdf MuPDF
147. 348613.pdf MuPDF
148. 361633.pdf MuPDF
149. 362988.pdf Acrobat
150. 362988.pdf Firefox
151. 365674.pdf Acrobat
152. 365674.pdf Firefox
153. 367150.pdf Acrobat
154. 367150.pdf Chromium
155. 367150.pdf Firefox
156. 367150.pdf MuPDF
157. 367592.pdf MuPDF
158. 372143.pdf Acrobat
159. 372143.pdf Chromium
160. 372143.pdf Firefox
161. 376089.pdf Chromium
162. 376089.pdf MuPDF
163. 386826.pdf Acrobat
164. 386826.pdf Chromium
165. 386826.pdf Firefox
166. 386826.pdf MuPDF
167. 395277.pdf Acrobat
168. 395277.pdf Chromium
169. 395277.pdf Firefox
170. 395277.pdf MuPDF
171. 399489.pdf MuPDF
172. 400000.pdf Acrobat
173. 400000.pdf Chromium
174. 400000.pdf Firefox
175. 400000.pdf MuPDF
176. 410805.pdf Acrobat
177. 410805.pdf Chromium
178. 410805.pdf Firefox
179. 410805.pdf MuPDF
180. 417723.pdf Chromium
181. 424575.pdf Acrobat
182. 424575.pdf Chromium
183. 424575.pdf Firefox
184. 424575.pdf MuPDF
185. 429239.pdf Acrobat
186. 429239.pdf Chromium
187. 429239.pdf Firefox
188. 429239.pdf MuPDF
189. 433682.pdf Acrobat
190. 433682.pdf Chromium
191. 433682.pdf Firefox
192. 442808.pdf MuPDF
193. 452311.pdf Acrobat
194. 452311.pdf Firefox
195. 452311.pdf MuPDF
196. 459421.pdf Chromium
197. 459421.pdf MuPDF
198. 460369.pdf Chromium
199. 460369.pdf MuPDF
200. 463233.pdf Chromium
201. 463233.pdf Firefox
202. 463233.pdf MuPDF
203. 470620.pdf Chromium
204. 470620.pdf MuPDF
205. 477010.pdf Chromium
206. 477010.pdf Firefox
207. 477010.pdf MuPDF
208. 477165.pdf Chromium
209. 477771.pdf MuPDF
210. 478353.pdf Acrobat
211. 478353.pdf Chromium
212. 478353.pdf Firefox
213. 488673.pdf Chromium
214. 492795.pdf Acrobat
215. 492795.pdf Chromium
216. 492795.pdf Firefox
217. 492795.pdf MuPDF
218. 496045.pdf Acrobat
219. 496045.pdf Chromium
220. 496045.pdf Firefox
221. 496045.pdf MuPDF
222. 496827.pdf Acrobat
223. 496827.pdf Chromium
224. 496827.pdf Firefox
225. 496827.pdf MuPDF
226. 499697.pdf Firefox
227. 499697.pdf MuPDF
228. 500458.pdf MuPDF
229. 500944.pdf Acrobat
230. 500944.pdf Firefox
231. 500944.pdf MuPDF
232. 501212.pdf Acrobat
233. 501212.pdf Chromium
234. 501212.pdf Firefox
235. 501212.pdf MuPDF
236. 501989.pdf Acrobat
237. 501989.pdf Chromium
238. 501989.pdf Firefox
239. 501989.pdf MuPDF
240. 503996.pdf Acrobat
241. 503996.pdf Firefox
242. 506380.pdf Chromium
243. 506380.pdf MuPDF
244. 506722.pdf Acrobat
245. 506722.pdf Chromium
246. 506722.pdf Firefox
247. 509342.pdf Acrobat
248. 509342.pdf Chromium
249. 511890.pdf MuPDF
250. 512458.pdf Acrobat
251. 512458.pdf Chromium
252. 512458.pdf Firefox
253. 512458.pdf MuPDF
254. 515471.pdf Acrobat
255. 515471.pdf Chromium
256. 515471.pdf Firefox
257. 515471.pdf MuPDF
258. 516331.pdf Acrobat
259. 516331.pdf Chromium
260. 516331.pdf Firefox
261. 516331.pdf MuPDF
262. 517750.pdf Acrobat
263. 517750.pdf Chromium
264. 517750.pdf Firefox
265. 517750.pdf MuPDF
266. 519588.pdf Acrobat
267. 519588.pdf Chromium
268. 519588.pdf Firefox
269. 519588.pdf MuPDF
270. 519648.pdf Acrobat
271. 519648.pdf Chromium
272. 519648.pdf Firefox
273. 519648.pdf MuPDF
274. 522840.pdf Acrobat
275. 522840.pdf Firefox
276. 528915.pdf Chromium
277. 528915.pdf MuPDF
278. 528977.pdf Acrobat
279. 528977.pdf Chromium
280. 528977.pdf Firefox
281. 528977.pdf MuPDF
282. 532141.pdf Acrobat
283. 532141.pdf Chromium
284. 532141.pdf Firefox
285. 532141.pdf MuPDF
286. 534549.pdf Acrobat
287. 534549.pdf Chromium
288. 534549.pdf Firefox
289. 534549.pdf MuPDF
290. 536446.pdf MuPDF
291. 542568.pdf Chromium
292. 544559.pdf MuPDF
293. 545873.pdf Chromium
294. 545873.pdf MuPDF
295. 547631.pdf MuPDF
296. 549230.pdf MuPDF
297. 549397.pdf Chromium
298. 549397.pdf MuPDF
299. 551605.pdf MuPDF
300. 552003.pdf Acrobat
301. 552003.pdf Firefox
302. 555812.pdf Evince
303. 555812.pdf MuPDF
304. 596860.pdf Chromium
305. 596860.pdf MuPDF
306. 599561.pdf Acrobat
307. 599561.pdf Chromium
308. 599561.pdf Firefox
309. 599561.pdf MuPDF
310. 606821.pdf Acrobat
311. 606821.pdf Chromium
312. 606821.pdf Firefox
313. 606821.pdf MuPDF
314. 632391.pdf Chromium
315. 632391.pdf Firefox
316. 632391.pdf MuPDF
317. 633372.pdf MuPDF
318. 664026.pdf Acrobat
319. 664026.pdf MuPDF
320. 666304.pdf Acrobat
321. 666304.pdf Chromium
322. 666304.pdf Firefox
323. 672297.pdf Firefox
324. 672297.pdf MuPDF
325. 673568.pdf Acrobat
326. 673568.pdf Firefox
327. 675418.pdf MuPDF
328. 679277.pdf MuPDF
329. 689711.pdf Acrobat
330. 689711.pdf Chromium
331. 689711.pdf Firefox
332. 702005.pdf Acrobat
333. 702005.pdf Firefox
334. 708266.pdf Acrobat
335. 708266.pdf Chromium
336. 708266.pdf Firefox
337. 708266.pdf MuPDF
338. 742951.pdf Firefox
339. 742951.pdf MuPDF
340. 753732.pdf Acrobat
341. 753732.pdf Firefox
342. 755951.pdf Acrobat
343. 755951.pdf Firefox
344. 755951.pdf MuPDF
345. 758520.pdf Acrobat
346. 758520.pdf Firefox
347. 767647.pdf Acrobat
348. 767647.pdf Firefox
349. 767647.pdf MuPDF
350. 767914.pdf MuPDF
351. 773895.pdf Acrobat
352. 773895.pdf Firefox
353. 832960.pdf Acrobat
354. 832960.pdf Firefox
355. 835894.pdf Firefox
356. 839025.pdf Acrobat
357. 839025.pdf Firefox
358. 842473.pdf MuPDF
359. 849867.pdf Firefox
360. 856290.pdf Acrobat
361. 856290.pdf Firefox
362. 861813.pdf Acrobat
363. 861813.pdf Chromium
364. 861813.pdf Firefox
365. 861813.pdf MuPDF
366. 862022.pdf Acrobat
367. 862022.pdf Chromium
368. 862022.pdf Firefox
369. 862022.pdf MuPDF
370. 862486.pdf Acrobat
371. 862486.pdf Chromium
372. 862486.pdf Firefox
373. 862486.pdf MuPDF
374. 901039.pdf Firefox
375. 913469.pdf Chromium
376. 915452.pdf Chromium
377. 921609.pdf MuPDF
378. 935121.pdf MuPDF
379. 935872.pdf Chromium
380. 935872.pdf MuPDF
381. 944640.pdf Chromium
382. 944640.pdf MuPDF
383. 949199.pdf Acrobat
384. 949199.pdf Firefox
385. 957450.pdf Acrobat
386. 957450.pdf Chromium
387. 957450.pdf MuPDF
388. 961313.pdf MuPDF
389. 991812.pdf Acrobat
390. 991812.pdf Chromium
391. 991812.pdf Firefox
392. 991812.pdf MuPDF
393. 996926.pdf Acrobat
394. 996926.pdf Chromium
395. 996926.pdf Firefox
396. 996926.pdf MuPDF

B. Cluster representatives
Num   Document Reader
1. 011569.pdf   Acrobat
2. 011569.pdf Chromium
3. 011569.pdf Firefox
4. 011569.pdf MuPDF
5. 041622.pdf Chromium
6. 085086.pdf Acrobat
7. 085086.pdf Firefox
8. 085086.pdf MuPDF
9. 144290.pdf Chromium
10. 160443.pdf Chromium
11. 172096.pdf Firefox
12. 235856.pdf Acrobat
13. 235856.pdf Firefox
14. 235856.pdf MuPDF
15. 303226.pdf Acrobat
16. 303226.pdf Chromium
17. 303226.pdf Firefox
18. 303226.pdf MuPDF
19. 337530.pdf Acrobat
20. 337530.pdf Chromium
21. 337530.pdf Firefox
22. 337530.pdf MuPDF
23. 410913.pdf Firefox
24. 420993.pdf Acrobat
25. 420993.pdf Firefox
26. 420993.pdf MuPDF
27. 442798.pdf MuPDF
28. 454109.pdf Firefox
29. 491979.pdf Acrobat
30. 515993.pdf Acrobat
31. 515993.pdf Chromium
32. 515993.pdf Firefox
33. 515993.pdf MuPDF
34. 521890.pdf Acrobat
35. 521890.pdf Chromium
36. 521890.pdf Firefox
37. 521890.pdf MuPDF
38. 687391.pdf Firefox
39. 716700.pdf Acrobat
40. 716700.pdf Chromium
41. 716700.pdf Firefox
42. 716700.pdf MuPDF
43. 736300.pdf Acrobat
44. 736300.pdf Chromium
45. 736300.pdf Firefox
46. 736300.pdf MuPDF
47. 756542.pdf Acrobat
48. 756542.pdf Chromium
49. 756542.pdf Firefox
50. 756542.pdf MuPDF
51. 800928.pdf Firefox
52. 854726.pdf Chromium
53. 953180.pdf Acrobat
54. 953180.pdf Chromium
55. 953180.pdf Firefox
56. 953180.pdf MuPDF
57. 960322.pdf Acrobat
58. 960322.pdf Chromium
59. 960322.pdf Firefox
60. 998367.pdf Acrobat
61. 998367.pdf Firefox
62. 998367.pdf MuPDF