Qualcomm Product Security Practice

Security is a critical component in the increasingly complex connected world. Now, more than ever, we need the right approach to secure the digital ecosystem.

Qualcomm is at the center of mobile innovation, designing products and solutions for smartphones, wireless, IoT, automotive, data center and more. With such a broad portfolio, developing new products with security in mind and providing good and timely security incident response is a challenging task that requires a well-designed practice.

In this talk I will present an overview of Qualcomm Product Security Team (QPSI). I will outline the security practice in Qualcomm and cover the various areas the team is involved in, from prevention through mitigation and response. I will also give an overview of the recent pointer authentication project by QPSI done in collaboration with ARM.

Curious to hear about the product security efforts from the industry point of view? Would like to know about the security work we do at Qualcomm and the opportunities available? Please do not hesitate and come to the talk on December 8th.

Tomasz Kuchta is a member of the Qualcomm Product Security Initiative (QPSI) team and he works in the Berlin office. Before joining Qualcomm Tomasz completed PhD at Imperial College London specializing in symbolic execution and dynamic software analysis. He also has prior industrial experience working at a major telecom vendor as a software engineer.