UROP opportunities (Imperial only)

We are looking for talented and motivated undergraduate students to work on research projects at the intersection of software engineering, computer systems and security, as part of Imperial’s UROP programme.

In the Software Reliability Group, we are exploring various ways to improve software quality and dependability with the focus on designing novel techniques for software analysis, verification and fault-tolerance. Designing such techniques requires deep understanding of the entire software stack including operating systems, dynamic loaders, compilers, libraries and software runtimes.

An ideal candidates should have a good understanding of operating systems and compiler construction as well as experience with Linux and C/C++.

If you are interested in a UROP position, please email Dr Cristian Cadar for more details, attaching a copy of your CV. We will be happy to meet with potential candidates and talk about potential projects in more detail.

For summer UROPs, note that the application for funding is typically due at the end of February or the beginning of March, so we plan to make any UROP offers by mid February.

Funding is currently available only to students from Imperial College.