1st International KLEE Workshop on Symbolic Execution

19-20 April, 2018 • London, United Kingdom

Symbolic execution has gained significant attention over the last few years, becoming an essential ingredient of techniques and systems across many computer science fields including software engineering, programming languages, software testing, program verification, cybersecurity, and computer systems. The technique has enabled a wide range of applications, including the automatic detection of bugs and security vulnerabilities, high-coverage test suite generation, patch testing, and automatic debugging, among many others.

KLEE is one of the most popular symbolic execution engines, providing a flexible and modular framework on which to build many different symbolic execution based techniques. KLEE has a large number of users from both academia and industry, as exemplified by e.g., over 1,700 citations to the paper introducing KLEE, over 300 subscribers to its mailing list, over 50 contributors to its core codebase and components, and the constant stream of visitors to its website and GitHub repository.

One of the main goals of the workshop is to get together KLEE developers and users to exchange ideas, understand each other’s interests and needs, discuss the evolution of KLEE, etc. A particular emphasis will be placed on connecting academic researchers working with KLEE and symbolic execution with industrial users interested in using KLEE to improve their software products.

While a particular emphasis will be placed on the KLEE ecosystem, the workshop will also discuss recent developments in symbolic execution and related areas, such as constraint solving.

The workshop will consist of a mix of research talks, experience reports, and tutorials on KLEE. A call for papers and details about the registration will follow shortly. Updates to the website will be announced by @kleesymex on Twitter.