Luís was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where he worked in the Software Reliability Group on Multi-Version Execution. Luís’ research interests include dynamic software updating, programming languages, runtime environments, and concurrency.

Luís holds a PhD from Instituto Superior Técnico since 2016. His dissertation explored how to perform Dynamic Software Updates to a Java program with minimal disruption and without requiring a custom JVM. He developed his work with Prof. João Cachopo at ESW, Prof. Luís Veiga at GSD, and Prof. Michael Hicks at PLUM.

Group Publications


  • A DSL Approach to Reconcile Equivalent Divergent Program Executions

    Luís Pina

    USENIX Annual Technical Conference

  • Deploying Dynamic Analyses and Preventing Compiler Backdoors with Multi-Version Execution

    Luís Pina

    Invited talk @ Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring (ArVi) - ICT COST Action IC1402